The Human Needs Approach-Human Needs
A Fresh Perspective


The Human Needs Approach

Our Purpose is to teach the leadership skills for developing team intelligence. This enables the highest levels of work performance and customer relationships to be achieved.

We do this using the Human Needs skills and resources that we have researched, tested and improved over the past 30 years. These skills has proven to be very effective in both national and multinational businessí.

We have spent thirty years researching and testing the ways to get people to coordinate their intelligence at the highest level to achieve shared goals. These tried and trusted skills have proven their worth in sport, education, mental health and with spectacular success in business.

Business has evolved to efficiently meet our Human and Biological Needs.

This means that the long term commercial success of your business is determined by how well and effectively you meet your customerís needs.
However your business must also meet the needs of your workforce in a way that motivates them to perform their work at their highest capability.

There is an underlying universal template that all successful business is aligned to whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

In working with your business we make this template more transparent and teach the leadership skills that ensure your business can align effectively with it.

Some new understandings and skills developed by Human Needs include:

  • How to consistently access our own highest levels of capability and intelligence
  • How to communicate with other people in ways that release their highest levels of capability and intelligence
  • How to reduce intransigence and enhance team intelligence in various working groups
  • How to run meetings that have a clear focus, get everyone participating and ensure ownership is taken of agreed action points
  • The art of the complex sale and how to get the co-operation of all stakeholders
  • How to create a living workflow in your business that your customers are happy and willing to pay for. This will be co-designed by the leadership and work owners to ensure that everybody understands their role and are motivated to deliver on it