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About Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin is a social psychologist with graduate and postgraduate degrees from the London School of Economics where he studied fulltime for six years. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He co-founded with Ivan Tyrrell 'The Human Givens School' of psychology, which is having a significant impact in fields as diverse as education, psychotherapy, business, social work and even diplomacy.

The influence of his ideas via The Human Givens approach has been spreading to many countries in recent years with the publication of The Human Givens book, which he co-wrote with Ivan Tyrrell now also published in Chinese. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (vol.21, p9-28) has published a major article on the power of 'Human Givens' to impact on mental health and well-being. The Family Networker Magazine in the US and the Washington Times have also carried long articles extolling the positive contributions of Joe Griffin's work on the 'Human Givens.' The very positive effectiveness of the Human Givens approach has been reported in top peer reviewed journals such as those published by the British Psychological Society for example.  Joe Griffin has been the lead trainer for the training of many hundreds of Human Givens therapists as well as treating many hundreds of patients in his clincical practise. 

Joe Griffin has worked directly with a number of CEO's and senior managers of leading companies to help improve performance and productivity.  He has over thirty years experience in training and mentoring people with great success. Joe Griffin has been interviewed about his work by numerous radio stations including B.B.C. radio 4  'All in the Mind' and Gerry Ryan and Pat Kenny for R.T.E. radio and by George Hook for News Talk.  He has been a consultant and principal interviewee for two TV series on Anger the B.B.C.'s  'All the Rage' and L.W.T.'s  'Red Mist'. He has also been interviewed about his work by numerous other publications including The Financial Times, The New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph to name but a few.  He is the author and co-author of six best selling books on emotional health and clear thinking. 

Joe is married to Liz and they have two grown up daughters.