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Who We Are

Joe Griffin is a social psychologist with graduate and postgraduate degrees from the London School of Economics where he studied fulltime for six years. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He co-founded with Ivan Tyrrell 'The Human Givens School' of psychology, which is having a significant impact in fields as diverse as education, psychotherapy, business, social work and even diplomacy.

The influence of his ideas via The Human Givens approach has been spreading to many countries in recent years with the publication of The Human Givens book, which he co-wrote with Ivan Tyrrell now also published in Chinese. The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (vol.21, p9-28) has published a major article on the power of 'Human Givens' to impact on mental health and well-being. The Family Networker Magazine in the US and the Washington Times have also carried long articles extolling the positive contributions of Joe Griffin's work on the 'Human Givens.' The very positive effectiveness of the Human Givens approach has been reported in top peer reviewed journals such as those published by the British Psychological Society for example.

Joe Griffin has worked directly with a number of CEO's and senior managers of leading companies to help improve performance and productivity.  He has over thirty years experience in training and mentoring people with great success. Joe Griffin has been interviewed about his work by numerous radio stations including B.B.C. radio 4  'All in the Mind' and Gerry Ryan and Pat Kenny for R.T.E. radio and by George Hook for News Talk.  He has been a consultant and principal interviewee for two TV series on Anger the B.B.C.'s  'All the Rage' and L.W.T.'s  'Red Mist'. He has also been interviewed about his work by numerous other publications including The Financial Times, The New Scientist, The Daily Telegraph to name but a few.  He is the author and co-author of six best selling books on emotional health and clear thinking.

In recent years he has been working fulltime with his colleague Bart McEnroe to adapt and further develop these ideas, for use in the business environment.  Their newly created business model has been specially designed and tested to enrich leadership skills resulting in much improved business performance, retention of talented staff and increased customer satisfaction. This new business model they have called 'Human Needs'. The ‘Human Needs training’ has proved very effective in the diverse group of business's to which it has been applied. This can be verified by reading the testimonials on this site.     

Joe is married to Liz and they have two grown up daughters.

Cian Mc Enroe qualified From Dublin City University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology. Since then he has gone on to complete with distinction the Human Givens post graduate diploma course in psychotherapy and counselling awarded by Human Givens College, is a fully qualified Human Givens psychotherapist and member of the Human Givens Institute (MHGI).  

Since joining Human Needs he has become an integral part of the team and is continuously
 gaining experience in designing and delivering group workshops and one to one coaching. He especially enjoys doing one to one coaching with young adults in business, sport and in private practice.

Cian has excellent listening and communication skills and proven himself to be capable in making a real value contribution to Human Needs customers.    
He has a keen interest in sports of all kinds and plays Gaelic football regularly with his local club.   

Bart McEnroe obtained his BSc (Ag) from University College Dublin and completed his MBA whilst working and living in London. Bart also completed the Human Givens post graduate diploma course and fully qualified as a Human Givens therapist. Bart is well known in the Irish business community having worked for over 25 years with many businesses here and with their overseas branches in the UK, Europe and America.

Bart has worked for many years to bring the most up to date and powerful tools to business leaders to enable them to enhance the performance of their people and the success of their businesses. His success in this endeavour is shown by the long lasting relationships he has forged with business leaders and by the improved outcomes that organisations he has worked with have achieved.

Bart’s purpose in business is to bring usable ideas and skills that enrich the working lives of all involved. This has led him in recent years, to partner with leading Irish psychologist Joe Griffin to develop a sequence of learnable leadership skills that enrich the team intelligence of business and workplace organisations.

Up to this time we have taught the Human Needs approach in five different countries, working with translators in two of them. Regardless of the country in which they have been taught the HN ideas translate easily as they work with real skills that make all human interactions more effective.

Bart has also used his coaching skills in helping the mangers of leading Gaelic football teams and has worked with a number of managers whose teams have won All-Ireland titles. We have found that the same Human Needs skills that are used to help business people are equally applicable in building successful sports teams.

Bart is married to Iris and they have four children, three of whom have already graduated from university.