Where HN is Used-Human Needs

A Fresh Perspective


Where Human Needs Ideas and Skills are in Use

Sample areas where the Ideas and skills are being successfully applied include:

  • Seeding a learning and performance culture in new regional branch (Saudi Arabia)

  • Merging Culture while diffusing tensions in an acquisition (USA & UK)

  • Sports team performance (National champions – Ireland)

  • Migrating up the sales value chain with improved turnover and margin (Irl. UK. USA. Spain. Ntl.)

  • Complex problem solving with customers, to improve value contribution (UK. Irl. Ntl.)

  • Improved intelligence availability (All location ideas are used)

  • Team Intelligence (Irl. UK. Ntl. USA)

  • Improving performance by enhancing leadership skills (All location ideas are used)

  • A splintered organisation that learned to work together (Irl)

  • Equipping a Chief Executive, new in their role, with the leadership skills to enrich culture (Irl, UK,Ntl, Spain,USA)

    Note: Where appropriate, testimonials can be acquired and direct contact arranged with the key leaders from the various companies that are working with the Human Needs skills.

    Behind each of these successes are managers and employees working effectively by using the Human Needs skills to bring improvements. This work inevitably began with the leadership team setting the example by first learning the Human Needs ideas and skills themselves and people experiencing the difference before introducing them to other levels of management or areas of the business.