Why the CEO Should Lead-Human Needs

A Fresh Perspective


 Why start with the leadership team.

It is well known that the leadership skills of developing and maintaining high performance team-work is the single biggest factor in ensuring the long term success of any business. What is less well known is what underlies high performance teamwork.

The secret to high performance team work lies in the skills of developing ‘team intelligence’. It is team intelligence that allows complex problems to be solved quickly. It is also necessary in streamlining the business workflow in a way that ensures value is continuously added to customers.

We start with the leadership team because ‘they who taste knows’.
Leaders do not buy into empty promises of improvement, they must experience it to know it is real.

To have this happen, key people in your business and human needs have to ‘put some skin in the game’. This is done by your senior team sharing some current challenges with us and learning how the Human Needs skills can help resolve these challenges. Given these insights your leadership team can then decide if ‘Human Needs’ can be of service to your business.

As the leadership team becomes more proficient in the human needs skills their team intelligence and performance is enhanced. It becomes clear to the people reporting to them that a learning and performance culture is being created and they are drawn to become part of it. This creates the appetite for team intelligence skills to become an integral part of the business functioning.



‘Team Intelligence inspires individual intelligence to reach its highest level'